Have you tried an Angry Bird three star walkthrough?

by Nick W. on July 20, 2011

Finding an Angry Bird three star walkthrough is always a good idea, it’s one thing completing the game – but completing it with three stars on every level is something else entirely. Only the biggest most devoted Angry Birds fans will take the time to complete the game with three stars on every level – and for those who do, it’s one heck of an achievement. Angry Birds is a notoriously difficult game – so if you can boat that you’ve done it with three stars on each level, you’ll win some serious gaming kudos amongst your peers.

Do I need to pay for an Angry Bird three star walkthrough?

You don’t need to pay a penny for your Angry Bird three star walkthrough – the internet is a great source of information and free stuff – when it comes to an Angry Birds walk through they are out there, in abundance. You have several options; you can either go for the traditional game guide, like we’re used to from the days of Super Nintendos and Sega MegaDrives – or, you can go for the latest type of game guide, a video. Thanks to sites like YouTube you now have an infinite number of game guides in video format at the tip of your fingers. That means no more deciphering game guide books – you can skip straight to YouTube and watch exactly how to get past that nasty green pig.

There are not a whole lot of Angry Birds levels out – the developers can hardly seem to keep up with demand for the game. It’s no use just playng Angry Birds through once then shelving it – the apps aren’t cheap enough to take that attitude. Just because you’ve beaten the game doesn’t mean you can’t still play the app – where once you goal was simply to complete the game, your goal should now be to complete it with a host of three star scores – and that’s where an Angry Bird three star walk through comes into play.

Will an Angry Bird three star walkthrough do it all for me?

An Angry Bird three star walkthrough will definitely not do it all for you – but it will give you all the information you need to get that top score. There are a few basic tips you can apply without even using a walkthrough – like using your Angry Birds sparingly. If you get six Angry Birds for a level and you only need to use two, don’t go firing the other four off for fun – keep them, because for every Angry Bird not used you’ll get a massive 10,000 points – that 10,000 points could be the difference between you scoring one, two or even three stars for that level.

Take your Angry Birds gaming to the next level with an Angry Bird three star walkthrough guide. There’s no point ignoring what is essentially a fantastic game just because you’ve beaten it once. The chances are the majority of your scores will be low, with just one or two stars in most cases. Grab an Angry Bird three star walkthrough today and start getting three stars on every level, every time.

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